The Travelers

Genre: Comedy/Crime/Mystery

The Travelers - cover
The Travelers – cover

A dark-humor comedy about four strangers with a strong desire for different lives who are forced to search out and kill one another when a strange metaphysical occurrence threatens to destroy their mundane existence.

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The Travelers on

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Ian, a young office worker, is not very happy with his life. He hates his job and often daydreams about traveling. When he loses any prospect of dating his colleague, he finally decides to do something about his situation. But before he has a chance to take control of his life, a series of body swaps take him to three different parts of the world in the bodies of three different people equally unhappy with their lives and craving a change of scenery – an older German businessman in Taiwan, a young hotel receptionist in Alaska, and a sexually distinctive sociopathic drug dealer in London. After Ian’s mind returns back into his own body, he manages to contact the young receptionist and the German businessman, and they all seem to befriend each other. But the swaps continue, and the English drug dealer proves to be an unpredictable danger to everybody. It soon becomes quite clear that this is not the time to be making friends but a time to struggle for survival.

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